The Dance Guild

Thank you for your interest in the Friends of BTWHSPVA Dance.  You can reach the Dance Guild at [email protected] although dance parents should always reach out to their class rep.

What We Do

  • Provide support to parents and students
  • Scholarships for Dancers
  • Promotion of activities and events
  • Liaison between parents, students and faculty


Your 2017-2018 Dance Guild Board

President – Elerie Tepedino

Vice President –Kristi Chenault

Treasurer – Viki  Winiger

Secretary – Katie Anderson

Parliamentarian- Maquel German

Hospitality Co-Chairs – Kim Cummings, and Stephany Pencsak

Membership/Fundraising Co-Chairs – Polly Nowell, and Jamie Bryan

Communications Co-Chairs – Jessica White, and April McElhone

Grant Chair – Amy Browne

Class Reps

(These individuals are your main communication line for the dance department/guild)

Freshman: Maquel German

Sophomore: Jessica White

Junior: Becki Sutherland

Senior: Jenevie Brock


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