The Dance Guild

Thank you for your interest in the Friends of BTWHSPVA Dance.  You can reach the Dance Guild at although dance parents should always reach out to their class rep.

What We Do

  • Provide support to parents and students
  • Scholarships for Dancers
  • Promotion of activities and events
  • Liaison between parents, students and faculty


Your 2016-2017 Dance Guild Board

President – Veronica Sotero

Vice President – Elerie Tepedino

Treasurer – Kara Perez

Secretary – Heidi Gillis

Parliamentarian- Tami Pellican

Hospitality Co-Chairs – Kim Cummings, Cynthia Ball, and Stephany Pencsak

Membership/Fundraising Co-Chairs – Andrea Hicks and Janette Hunter

Allocations Co-Chairs – Maquel German

Communications Co-Chairs – Christie Hernandez

Grant Chair – Amy Browne

Class Reps

(These individuals are your main communication line for the dance department/guild)

Freshman: Jessica White

Sophomore: Becki Sutherland

Junior: Jenevie Brock

Senior: Tami Pellican


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